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                                                              SALES POLICY

1.  All goats sold will be healthy and up to date on vaccinations.   All sales include support for the new owner.

2.  Does and bucks sold for breeding stock are guaranteed to breed.  If they won't breed within 12 months of purchase
and                       have been certified healthy by a vet, buyer is entitled to a full refund.

3.  We do not guarantee that any doe sold is bred.  They may be sold as exposed to a buck, but we do not have equipment to verify
that they are pregnant.

4.  We require a 25%  (nonrefundable) deposit to hold any animal purchase.  

5.  Please arrange for transportation for your purchase.  There will be a 14 day limit on boarding sold goats.  After 21 days
said               goats will  be relisted for sale and any deposit will be forfeited.

6.  If anything happens to an animal that a deposit is holding, the buyer will have first choice of others for sale at or near
the                      original selling price or a  full refund.

7.  Sale price does not  include testing, or health certificates. All vet related costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

8.  Full payment is required before any animal leaves the farm.  

9.  If  your vet determines that there is something genetically wrong with a goat you have purchased from us, buyer will be
entitled       to a full refund.  Proof  required.

10.  We are not responsible for the animal(s)  after they leave our farm.

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