Steve & Cathy Le Roy

Our farm is located in central Illinois, about 40 miles SW of Peoria.  
My family has owned and operated it since 1836.  There has been
one kind of livestock or another raised here for most of that time,
though most of the ground is row crops.  Steve and I have farmed it
for over 30 years.  We started with cattle as the livestock portion,
but as we have gotten  older, we "downsized " to goats (in 2001).  
We have about 10 does, FB, PB,  and % Boers.  All of our stock is
registered.  Our emphasis  is on breeding stock that is fast growing,
good milking, and parasite resistant and has color.
Steve & Cathy Le Roy
19200 ECR 1850 N
Havana, Illinois   62644

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Sleepy Hollow Farm
Red, spotted Boer goats in Illinos
                       Goat        Chicken        Beef        Pork         Lamb

Calories          122           162               179          180           175  

Fat (g)              2.6            6.3               7.9            8.2            8.1

Sat. Fat (g)    .79            1.7                 3               2.9           2.9          

Protein(g)       23            25                25              25            24

Cholesterol     63.8         76                73.1           73.1          78.2

Per 3 oz. cooked             (from USDA Nutrient database)
Sleepy Hollow Farm marks it's 178th year in 2014!!
Boer goats, red and spotted for sale in Illinois